About FIITJEE Mumbai Centre

Greetings from FIITJEE Mumbai Centre

FIITJEE Mumbai Centre is a part of FIITJEE Group, an innovative group which has achieved National Recognition in Training for Competitive Exams.

FIITJEE Mumbai Centre is driven by our passion for Excellence. Our Pursuit for Excellence has made us strive for the highest service quality offered to the students. For us Excellence is a never ending process that we strive for every moment and achieve it as we go along the journey of success. We know how to convert average performance into Excellence, transforming an average student into a Topper. FIITJEE Mumbai Centre has provided many students the opportunity to shine academically and to prosper educationally in an encouraging and trusting environment.

Over the years FIITJEE Mumbai Centre has developed systems that are at the core of the training development and delivery process. Today, FIITJEE Mumbai Centre is rather a reservoir of resources that functions in perfect synchronization to deliver exceptional value to students. At the heart of this system lies a complex network of processes that have been tried and tested to achieve optimum performance. This system is able to deliver the same quality irrespective of the faculty, the location or the scale of operations.

At FIITJEE Mumbai Centre we focus on training the next generations of World’s most sought after engineers, architects, Senior Managers and CEOs. We work meticulously to design and update new and innovative programs, and strive to put together a group of leading academic trainers and professionals.

To successfully meet our goals, our programs include remarkable initiatives like Chapter Practice Problems, Classroom Learning Improvement Program, Rank Potential Index, Rank Enhancement Program and many more.

We are sure that you will find our programs tremendously motivating, dynamic and productive. If we add to that the uniqueness of FIITJEE, We have no doubt in our minds that you will be making the right choice by joining a program at FIITJEE Mumbai Centre.